Master des Monats

Der Master of Applied Data Science der University of Canterbury

Data science is a new profession emerging along with the exponential growth in size, and availability, of ‘big data’. With your specialist knowledge and qualification in Data Science you can solve real-world problems and provide insight
into future trends.

Data science is an essential skill in a world where everything from education to commerce, communication to transport, involves collaborative data collection, analysis and visualisation. New Zealand and other countries are currently experiencing
a skills shortage in this area, and the need for data savvy professionals with applied experience is growing.

Features of the Masters in Applied Data Science (MADS)

  • One of the few such programmes in Australasia that supports the development of students from a wide undergraduate background.
  • Focus on broader skills including; advanced analytical capability, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills.
  • UC has strengths in data science, including a number of related research centres.


Entry requirements

Potential students can come from a variety of undergraduate backgrounds. Candidates would require a B average in relevant 300-level Bachelor’s courses or show evidence of achievement at postgraduate level.

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